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    John Cammish

    Hey Joe love the app !

    I currently run a PT studio , 1-2-1 and small groups , got a couple of trainers working here etc . 80% of Our clients are mainly aged 40-65 and have knee back and shoulder issues , so looking to provide for them with help there rather than advanced workouts etc.

    It’s mainly free weights with some cables

    3 racks
    Dumbells Benches etc
    Lat pull down
    Seated row
    Dual adjustable pulley
    Watson pendulum squat (will be selling as the profile is crap – I bought as was compact 🙈)
    Rowers and bikes .

    I only have space for about 5 machines (🥺) once Watson pendulum is sold , here’s the list I’m thinking

    (All Atlantis )
    Leg ext
    Seated leg curl
    Lying leg curl
    Hack squat
    Pendulum Squat
    Hip thruster
    Multi press

    1. Have you or Bryce tried the Atlantis leg ext with lying leg curl combo? (image attached) I haven’t seen one here in UK.
    (This could save some space)

    2. I know you have said pendulum and hack are both great and similar , so understand if only 1 is recommended . The hip thruster I have tried and we have 80% female clients so wondering that could be a swap for one ? I use single leg hip thrusts with clients but I find the barbell hip thrust uncomfortable etc .

    3. Have you tried the multi press? We have clients with shoulder issues and thinking could provide a fixed bar path other than the Landmine presses and pin presses etc .

    4. I’ve not listed any back machines as seated row and lat pull down and cable have been a godsend !

    Any other nuggets to think about would be amazing and thank you!


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    John Cammish

    Thanks for that Bryce!

    Yes, that’s what I wondered about with the cam on the combo leg ext/lying left curl – whether it used the same cam and if that was a problem with the profiling – or if it switches cams . I’m assuming both movements would want a drop off in the shortened range anyway 🤔

    With the multi press it was more of wondering it’s not “converging” – is that no good ….but then it saves space which I’m a bit tied down for. (The alternative could be an incline machine – but with most clients being female – a chest only machine seems over kill to me when we have adjustable benches barbells etc)

    Have you got any perspective on the hip thrust machine? Again , probably popular with females , but that against having a separate
    leg ext
    Lying leg curl
    Seated leg curl

    ….. assessing if it’s worth it. (Or can get along with the combo leg ext/lying leg curl)

    Thanks about the pendulum squat – this has possibly led me to lean away from the hack as nearly everyone I see needs mobility,

    And also thanks for reminder about coaching vs the “magic “ of machines (we have managed to work the profile of the Watson so easier at the bottom – but it’s still crap for many as they are too weak /immobile to get there)


    John Cammish

    Hey Brice,

    No rush to respond (I saw you have your execution program going on which I saw from following your Instagram 😀)

    1. What do you think of The hip thrust machine as a “priority”

    I’m thinking If I get the previously mentioned leg ext/ lying leg curl machine frees up a spot for the hip thrust ….
    Not get a hip thrust machine and
    Go for separate ;

    lying leg curl
    Seated leg curl
    Leg ext

    Kind of thinking on the benefit of a “machine profile” useful to have both .

    We do a lot of single leg hip work as I find the barbell tedious to set up and takesroom where space is .

    I know you can’t say definitively – but just as any thoughts I might have missed 🙂

    Thanks in advance 🙌🏼

    John Cammish

    Hey Joe!
    Thanks so much – that’s further clarified some stuff and think I’ll be going along the route of hip thrust over the multi press …. and I’m going to go through my numbers in more detail with regards to how many trainers and client we all seem to have – and work out whether the combo ext/lying curl is preferable over over space …..(but think I kind of know now that separate will be better when you said about it being a “bottleneck” for the follow of sessions etc.

    Great language to help clarify my situation – thanks so much! 😀

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