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    Max Sheppard

    Hello, Joe and Bryce!

    For the last three weeks, I have organized my weekly training volume apropos three upper and three lower sessions within one week – six consecutive training days, then one rest day.

    I am aware of the futility of splits, should the prerequisites for nutrition, recovery, and life-stress falter; however, I have all of the aforementioned provisions in check.

    Thus, I want to accentuate muscle-group frequency to the nth degree, for, theoretically, it should lead to more adequate stimulus exposures.

    Hence my question: when the volume is equated and spread out across a 3x vs 2-1x per week muscle-group frequency, does there exist a threshold for intra-workout volume (for the 3x per week) that would hinder adequate stimulus eligibility in lieu of unnecessary frequencies?

    I know progressive overload is what dictates adequate stimulus in both 3x and 1-2x per week frequencies, so I am inquiring if the former is more advantageous than the latter?

    (I am currently performing 1 exercise per muscle-group, excepting back, on any given training day, using 3-4 sets.)

    Max Sheppard

    Awesome response concerning individualization. Thank you, Joe. Have a great day!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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