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    Wondered if I might get some advise for myself.

    Approaching 50 years old with 30 years of training under the belt.  Have made some very sold gains over the years and still holding onto to “most” of them.  However, some of those aches and pains are beginning to show up a little more frequently now. Lately, I have have stuck with a main lift working up to an 8-rep max or so.  After that I have finished the workout with general pump work for the bodypart(s) I just finished  training. PPL style.

    Was curious what you guys thought of that approach and if I should be switching things as I age?  Maybe change the order of the workout so I am more warmed up??  Some pump work prior to the main lift of the day??

    Actually, and advice about what to check out here or elsewhere concerning training (and mobility work as I desperately need this) is really, really appreciated!!



    Mark Grosvenor

    I’m also interested in any replies. I’m 62 and have been lifting for a while.

    Nuno Alves Oliveira

    Jan,I’m almost 50 and I’ve been following Joe programs for the last 2 years. Doing all the sets,back-off sets,drops and 1 set for the pump work. Still recovering well after those. After 12 weeks I’ll go to 1 or 2 weeks under his recovery program or I give myself some 4/5 days rest before I restart. I usually start easy. At least 2/4 weeks with 2/3 reps in reserve.


    Thank you guys for the insights!

    Certainly appreciate the audio answer Bryce!!  👍


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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