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    Roberto Celi

    Hello I’m experiencing some (some now, because before it was a lot stronger) anterior hip pain now. I’m not sure if it’s the hip though, now I’m inclining more towards hip flexors or some tendon.

    I looked up some stuff on YouTube. Most videos relate hip pain to squatting. However I performed several body weight squats without problems.

    Oddly enough this pain was after an upper body workout, not a lower body one.

    The exercises were the following:

    A1 Barbell BOR

    B1 Lat Pulldown. I do contract my abs hard and push my thigh into the pads and put my pelvis in retroversion though. Here I started to feel some very light discomfort that got worse as I went through the workout and more when I finished it and came home. Maybe this hard contractions were too much for my left hip, which as a side note, I consider it weak and definitely a lot weaker than my right one.

    C1 Cable Chest Fly

    D1 Db laterals failure with partials

    E1 Bicep hammer curls

    Followed by bicep hammer curls as pump work with lighter weights.

    I don’t post my workout to critique it’s effectiveness hypertrophy wise, I don’t do pushing that day because I want to be conservative with a shoulder discomfort I’m currently experiencing as a strengthen my rotator cuff muscles.

    I feel some extra pain when I flex my hip against my hand pushing my quad. Doing some lacrosse ball “soft tissue release” ,which basically was laying on the ground with the lacrosse ball on my tight spots while I was on the phone, brought me relief. Pain also increases while bending through the first degrees, less towards the end.

    Also, after getting down from a bike I felt a cracking in my hip which coincidentally also brought me relief.

    In the bathroom after the workout I tried to do some seated internal rotation and my internal rotation muscles started cramping really fast. I don’t feel these cramps when externally rotating.

    My guess is that this hip got too tight from overworking it (if that’s the correct word) after being too weak and not used to that.

    I will add that I need more external rotation work, leaving internal rotation prep work (which I’ve been doing this past weeks because it really helps me with my squat, aside for some time, or do it lightly).

    Add gluteus medius and minor work through hip abduction (because my active ROM on my left hip in this movement is also really poor).

    I wouldn’t be a bad idea to add some core work too.

    Let me know what you guys think and If you think I should stretch it.

    Roberto Celi

    Got it, Bryce.

    My problem is that there are no sports doctors or particularly good physiotherapists (without being disrespectful or judging any body) in my city.

    I can get a diagnose and some massages and pills, some stretching recommendations but nothing more. The diagnose is generally not that deep so I figured most of the time if I’m able to guess my problem and possible solutions I’m better off doing it that way. If this persists I plan to go to a Dr though.

    Roberto Celi

    Thank you Joe. How can I use benefit of the ankle weights? I was planning to do most of it. Just wanted to make sure my guesses were also educated and not stupid.

    Pain improved two nights after, still not 100% right, so I guess that is a good sign. But will keep an eye on that session next week

    Roberto Celi

    Yes, alright. I guess you don’t have any video exercises on that (ankle weights ex.,not ‘broga’, I do broga most of the time and it’s great), I can come up with something of my own. I think also cuffing my ankles and using cable weights is a fine idea once I get stronger.

    Thank you!

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