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    Simon James

    Hey Joe,
    Just about to start the anti-flamingo program.

    1. I know subbing is a common question, but what would be your #1 sub for the lying leg curl in the anti-flamingo Lower 1 day, given seated leg curl is already in the workout.
    My gym has a seated leg curl, but no lying curl, and I want to get as close to your profile/output programming as possible.

    In the past I used to sub with standing single leg curls on the leg extension (facing machine, hands braced on back rest, knee braced against seat)
    Is that a decent substitution, or better to stick with something else? I’ll sub with whatever you recommend!

    2. Can you explain why single leg press rather than double? I don’t doubt the programming, I’m just interested and want to accurately understand the thought process behind this selection.

    Thanks so much guys, the app is awesome.

    Simon James

    Thanks Joe great answers 👍👍💪

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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