Anyone else feel lied to?

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    Kevin Gregar

    I know Joe advertises the app for just under $10 a month or $97 a year. And he has awesome content, the platform gets better with every update, and honestly wasn’t bad when I started a year ago, and he helps you understand the “why” to the high nerd level. However, he doesn’t tell you that your shoulders, chest and back are going to increase in size to the extent that you have to buy all new shirts. Nor does he mention that your old baggy jeans now look like skinny jeans due to your quads and hamstrings. Heck, my calves are tight in some of my pants. So, while he says it only costs you $97 a year, there should be a disclaimer about all the new clothes you will need to purchase! Love it Joe, Merry Christmas and keep up the good work!

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    Roberto Celi

    😂😂😂 happy Christmas! Hope you get gifted a ton of new pants

    Derreck Bradley


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