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    Josh T

    Just sharing some hopefully constructive feedback to help you further improve a really great app.

    I’ve used several fitness apps. Yours has great form, instructional videos, and pre-designed programs. It’s the best in those specific aspects. My other favorite fitness apps are MyFitnessPal for diet / food logging & Strong for workout/lifting. Below are specific to workout elements I would add to your app to make it the best…

    1) exercise history – would be great to be able to sort and view lifting history within 1 specific exercise. At least from
    The dashboard / Home Screen, but ideally while within a workout. For example, while lifting I often wonder what did I get on this exercise 2 weeks ago, 2 months ago, 2 years ago, etc. That’s my biggest reservation about making this my ‘go
    To’ logbook/app. Progressive overload = muscle growth, so not being able to track progression is a real challenge.

    2) exercise swap continuation within program – if I swap an exercise, I’d like that to carry-forward to future weeks of the same program. Similarly if I add an exercise to the program in a week, would be great for that to be added in future weeks automatically.

    3) muscle priority/focus – many exercises can be biased for different muscles (ex: rows for lats vs rear delt; chest presses for upper chest / lower chest). I’m doing Terrence’s 2021 prep and there are like 4 row exercises so I’m unsure which are for different parts of the back, or if it matters. In the videos you often mention there are options for various grips or positions to achieve these (which is great). But as we look at a whole program, it would be great to know how you would ideally bias the exercise, what section of the muscle(s) should be the mind-muscle connection focus, etc. a graphic highlighting the muscle on a body would be an easy & helpful visual.

    4) next button & auto-logging – would love to have an ‘enter/next’ button to progress to the next entry field. Similarly I’ve lost several logged exercises which is frustrating, perhaps user error for not clicking ‘log’ but ideally a next button would automatically-log the exercise.

    5) warm-up & drop set tracking – in addition to the top set and back-off set, I’d like to be able to track warm up sets (& mark them as such) as well as weights & reps for drop sets (& mark them as such). Really would like those to carry-forward to the next week so that I can be consistent on warm-ups & ensure I’m matching or beating prior week’s weight/reps on drop sets. That way I know what I need to ‘beat’ from the prior week.

    I share these only to help, not criticize. It’s a great app. Hope it continues to get better and better. I’d suggest trying ‘strong’ for 4-6 weeks as a logbook as a comparison as it has some cool tools including e1RM calculations, volume tracking, etc as well.

    Hope these comments are helpful and taken as purely intentioned to help!

    Josh T

    One more…

    Weight before reps – I think most lifters select their weight (based on prior week’s results) then perform the lifts for a desired number of reps. When programmed as 0 RIR, that’s to failure, and the reps may not be exactly what one anticipated before the exercise. So using a ‘next’ button ideally would flow in the order of weight selected -> reps performed -> next set -> (repeat)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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