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    Matt Brodersen

    Hey Joe, is there a preferred method to ask app questions or propose suggestions? Or is posting topics in the forum, like I’m doing, the preferred way?

    My suggestion is… I’m currently in week 5 of a program and pump work is being added at the end. I’m unable to log my numbers as the entry fields don’t exist? Are there plans to add input fields to the pump work at the end of the workouts?

    Matt Brodersen

    Joe, thank you for your reply. That absolutely makes sense. I sometimes focus so much on the “periodization” of a program and tracking that I tend to take everything so literal. Working out is enjoyable and fun… and the pump work at the end is fun!

    I do have a app feature request… if I’m going through a workout, currently enjoying the Armegeddon program, and it’s set for 4 days, I would like to add some additional exercises on the off days. Now if I plan that out for that week and add those additional workouts that works. However, if I complete all workouts for the week and then decide
    I’d like to add additional workouts, I’m unable to as it advances me to the next week.

    For ex: Week 5 I’m done. I’m feeling good and rested and would like to throw a delt workout in and maybe perform it on a Saturday. Since I completed all 4 workouts, I’m unable to now add that new workout.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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