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    Travis Templemire

    I like to look at my next days workout ahead of “starting” the workout. In my opinion it would be valuable to have a hyperlink (I think this is the correct terminology) that would take you to your demonstration video of that particular exercise. I hope this makes sense.

    I am fairly new to the app so there maybe a way to do this without “starting” the workout.

    I also wanted to say thank you for your hard work putting this app. together. It is unbelievably informative.

    Travis Templemire

    Thanks for answering my question Joe. I think the way that you have already in bedded the videos inside the work out is a very helpful. Since it is an either or type scenario between embedding and hyperlinking your way makes complete sense.  Thanks again!!!

    Massimiliano Conte

    Hi Joe & staff there, thanks for your great work. I’m a lifetime subscriber, really enjoying Joe’s knowledge and site content and the app developed so far. I’m putting forth a couple of perhaps minor issues with our app, though they’re a bit annoying and worth to be fixed, I think pretty easily.

    First one It’s about inputing decimal numbers (like half kilos or pounds) both in the log (exercise loads) and in the progress check-ins (one’s weight). I’m from Italy, and our devices use the comma and not the period to annotate decimals. We don’t have the period option available on the “number input tab” which appears to allow the user to input such numbers. So we are forced to round all those numbers. Or sometimes we lose the input if we do not round it beforehand. Not a big deal, but it should be debugged.

    And then, it would be handy to carry over notes added to the exercises, with the possibility to easily delete or keep on editing them, next time you do the same exercise. Currently such notes are left in the previous workout log, and not in sight along the current workout.

    Again congrats on a most excellent work. 👊

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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