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    Hello Joe,
    Just did the latest app update,
    I believe it may be a bug fix,
    Loving how quick your devs are at fixing the bugs! And how you guys take in consideration our feedback!

    How thing tho,
    Not sure if that logic can be applied on the app but
    could you please avoid sending the app update notification while in a middle of a workout?
    That forces you to keep on closing the notification and while you log your lifts everytime you look at the app it asks you to update the app which is not great in term of UX

    And another point as I finished my workout and did logged it in first, once all logged and ticked on my plan
    I than pushed the update, sadly after that it lost my workout of the day, all the notes, and all the logs, so I had to input them all over again, I noticed that in the past, but since the big update (the main page change and macro) it was keeping the notes in

    I hope it all made sense, thank you again


    Thank you for the reply Joe,

    There is the remind me later button which I clicked every time,

    But the update the app push notification keep on popping up as you reopen the app to log your next exercises

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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