Armageddon week 10 ending at week 12 recovery program

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    Closing out week 10 tomorrow with an added chest day and things have gone great so far.

    Preacher curls in the beginning I was at 25pd DBs now in week 10 I’m doing 40pd preacher single arms curls with failure near 12-15 range.

    Triceps I noticed have “popped” a little too I’ve got some muscle poking out the side and little things like the crossovers and even the giant set for pump work has really been producing for me..

    The lower ehh I’m not too worried about but I’ll tell you this. Man do I love them drop sets on lying leg curls. Before I started I was barely doing 3 sets at 20pds each leg (we don’t have the fixed lying leg curl it has independent arms for each leg) now I’m at 35pds dropsetting 35-30-25-20 with 15-20 reps per drop. Man do I love a good ham pump lol.

    So all in all these last 10 weeks have been super productive minus a small tweaked back doing RDLs and looking to the next program and actually going through Armageddon once again adding a little more but I think I need a recovery phase before I go another 6 to 12 weeks on Armageddon again.

    With week 12 approaching fast is the recovery program just like the others where it’s only set for x number of weeks and can I add to it. Should I consider changing up my diet a little expecting less work or will it be challenging to an extent..

    I tried to keep it short lol

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    Thanks for the response, I will definitely take a peek at the power building program after recovery. 👊👊💪

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