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    Hey guys,
    I just finished Terrence’s 2021 workout program and decided to go for the pec specialization program.

    The only thing is that I noticed there was only a single bicep and tricep exercise per week and arms being a body part I don’t want to neglect i was planning on adding 2 bicep exercises being the incline cable curl and the db hammer curl on leg day, and 2 tricep exercices being the JM press and the SA cuff cable extensions on chest day, in that specific order and for 2 sets of 6-8 reps each.

    Do you think it’s a good idea or would it be too much volume because I would therefore have 3 bicep exercices per week vs 4 exercises for back which is a significantly bigger muscle group.

    Thank you for the app and all the knowledge you provide😜💪


    Hey there! I’m sure you’ll get a much pro answer from Bryce or Joe, just my two cents:The point of a spec program is to give the most of your volume/energy/recov to a bodypart you want to bring, everything else goes to maintenance. Otherwise, you’ll not get the results you are expecting. Adding more and more volume will drain your recovery, which could be/should be used to recover the “spec muscle”. I understand your problem psychologically. For years my chest was a weak point, and when I finally brought it up, it was hard to “let go” fearing it’ll ruin the “results”. My suggestions to you are these:- Hammer the main arm exercises. If you progress on those, I doubt you’ll lose size/neglect them. – you can always switch out exercises to work your arms more. For instance: switch out a chest exercise for dips.- if you want to add to the program, do so slowly. So instead of adding 2 full exercise, add one more working set/back off set to the bi/tri exercise. If thats not enough, add another exercise with one working set. All in all: add volume slowly. – on thr days you feel recovered/in the mood you can always add some pump work to your arms. Just dont let it take away from thr chest.-if all else fails, you can add an additional arms day if you recover from it. On a “parting note” I know its hard to wrap your head around, but realise: you are doing a sepc phase for a reason. You want your chest to grow. You want it to balance your phisique, or look like the Wolverine, or ehatever, but you want bigger pecs. That is thr main goal. Everything should fall under it. After that, you can always specialise on something else, maybe even sooner than expected, if you focus on chest and get your results. Go after it!P.s you can always remember that in a chest spec program, youll get a lot of indirekt tri work from pressing.


    Ok thank you so much for your detailed answer.
    You seem quite experienced, probably more than me
    And thank you for your ethusiasm😂💪


    Thank you so much for your answer
    Tbh I know it’s going to sound cringe but no matter how much volume I have in a workout I’m always going to be able to go all out and reach 0 RIR for every exercise.
    I actually struggle more to keep reps in reserve than go all the way to failure because I feel like I could’ve dine better otherwise.
    And when it comes to recovery it can happen that I feel sore even when tackling a workout but ut won’t prevent me from training all the way to failure.
    It might affect performance in the sense that I probably won’t be able to match the numbers I got the week prior.
    I wanted to add in the additional exercices to hit all head of my arms
    But now I’m really unsure wether i should add them in or not

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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