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    Mike Storm

    Background: I am an average joe garage gym lifter w/ a 22 year old low back injury (ruptured disc around L4/L5 if I recall right). I also injured my left ACL from heavy front squats. I have avoided traditional back and even front squats for most of my adult life because of this chronic weak spot.


    1. What are your thoughts on the effectiveness of front- or away-facing barbell landmine squats?

    2. Which version is better for biasing quads?

    3. Do heels or toes need to be elevated (using 5-10 lb plates)?

    4. If combined with trap bar deadlifts, Bulgarian split squats, 45 degree extensions, and glute/ham roller… can they be a good squat choice to help develop or maintain a well rounded lower body template?


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    Mike Storm

    Joe thanks so much for the fast and detailed answer. Based on your reply, new question:

    Do I even “need” to squat?

    I like simplicity but even more so efficiency. If I can…

    -TBDL (high handle)
    -Bulgarian split squat (full ROM)
    -45* back extensions
    -Titan ham/glute roller
    -maaaaybe some RDLs on a day my low back is feeling goood

    …is the annoying setup – and difficulty in adequately loading – a facing-away landmine squat “necessary” or “worth” it?

    Subjective question, I know, but I value your opinion. Thanks!

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