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    I maxed out my gyms DBs by quite a bit for DB Romanian. I got to the 40 kg DBs (all my gym goes up to), slowed down, added pauses at end ranges, done everything I could to make these as challenging but I’ve maxed the weight out without doing stupidly high reps.

    I had done quite a lengthy barbell Romanian block for about 6 months, and to be honest I prefer DB due to the hand position. I just ‘connect more’.

    Would a B stance Romanian DB deadlift be a good variation. Slowly creeping up to those 40 kg but got a few more months of progress if I get there. I don’t normally like to change an exercise mid program but I haven’t got a choice as the DBs are too light for both legs, or Is B stance exercise garbage? And no I’m not talking about that shitty foot on the wall exercise on Instagram. Both feet on floor. One foot slightly behind on floor as support. Don’t really want to go barbell until this block is over.

    I’ve already got ham curls that day after.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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