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    Hello Joe,

    Just seen your vids on YouTube
    Which is great!

    There was no mention of lying cuffs laterals ?
    Which one would you say is better?

    Also That was something I mentioned before:
    It is sad for the people who aren’t on social media not to be able to see your content on here

    Maybe an HCtube and an HCgram
    Where we all get your feeds post and snippets directly in here as well
    Maybe getting some sort of API feed for YT or IG or from here to there?

    This video for example is on YouTube but not on here… there are also a few Q&A which you ve done on YouTube which aren’t here neither I used to love your Q&A vids on here

    It is I believe a great way to get more of your nuggets and posts,

    I know you Bryce are spending an incredible time answering our questions and I am grateful for that

    However I think as HC members it would be awesome to have all your content on a single point



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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