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    The programmes been brilliant so far I was just wondering about certain exercises and how it might work with the split I have to do to work around my work life.
    At the minute I’m doing
    Mon- Rest
    Tuesday- Pull
    Wednesday- Push
    Thursday- Legs
    Friday- Rest
    Saturday- Delts
    Sunday- Arms

    With some of the exercise selection for the workouts it doesn’t entirely fit with the programme as per my knowledge. For the push day, it has rear Delts in there also and with my split I do pull they day previous so I’ve had to cancel them out coz I assumed it would effect my recovery. The same goes for on the push day when I have BFR biceps and triceps when I had done the day previous a BFR set of biceps on my pull day. The big thing most affected by the chosen split is that on a Saturday I am not able to do a Delts/arms session with arms on the Sunday. My work around so far has just been increasing the intensity of my solely arms session on a Sunday.

    Appreciate its a long set of questions and entirely specific to my scenario but any advice on the split and where to place the exercises I miss out later/earlier on in the week would be much appreciated.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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