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    Jarold Stewart

    Hey Joe,
    Ive been dealing with some discomfort in my shoulder when training chest and I’m pretty sure its bicep tendonitis. Obviously something is wrong wether it be execution or mobility but my question is should i still train with the inflammation or wait until it goes down and then address the issue. Also how long would you recommend for me rest? I know that is determined by how my body feels and when it goes down but i don’t want to be out too long as I’m making progress and don’t want to lose strength.

    Daniel Alvarado

    Not my thread, but appreciate the overall idea Joe!

    I’ve been dealing with pain /tenderness on the AC joint, and some discomfort deep in the shoulder whenever I do internal rotation or move my arm across to the other side. (And yes, i also have seen my Physio, she recommended some pain meds, and less load for a week or two).

    I’ll watch the mobile meathead video and follow along those daily stretches.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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