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    Jay Maly

    I recently started a full body push and full body pull routine training 4x a week.

    My push is

    Banded smith press
    Rack seated barbell press
    Heel elevated front squat
    Banded hack

    These are obviously all big movements and very taxing moving a lot of weight. The pump and feeling is great all over when I’m finished.

    My question is are my gains really suffereing from not isolating small movements like laterals?

    obviously I am not doing a lateral shoulder movement but I am doing a rear delt pec dec on my full body pull after my pull ups and rows before my RDl.


    It’s a good question and the reality is only time will tell. Those are definitely very effective exercises for building a strong foundation but chances are some muscles might be less developed due to either direct or insufficient stimulus.


    Honestly, direct work to a muscle group is always going to be your best answering for growing that target area.

    The worry of losing size I wouldn’t be too caught up on. Systemically it looks like you’ve got everything you need there. In time, things may need to get more specific. Keep training hard

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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