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    Loaded Q but I’ll try to summarize.

    I feel stupid yet enlightened by finding this info. I was the typical ego lifter that would go in and chuck weight around luckily my genes are pretty ok and I tried to follow powerlifting training. Mostly my own 5/3/1, ppl blend. I got strong but not much bigger I’m 5’9 175 lbs with 325B 405S 525DL.

    I’m excited to start actually training for mass/hypertrophy. However I also want to get back into boxing. At my boxing club, we do 1 hr of hard cardio before we even start to work tech or sparring. I am afraid that the cardio (especially if I do it 3-5x a week) will kill any chance of gains. Is this the case? Do any of you box or do any other demanding sport while getting bigger? I don’t want to talk about gear usage I’d assume on gear your body would recover just fine. Thanks in advanced. Also here’s a pic with no pump fresh off a huge lunch haha I basically just have a power lifter esque physique but I want to just actually grow now. Thank you HC for spreading knowledge.

    Very Respectfully,

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