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    Brandon Force

    Hey Joe,

    Got a question for you. I used to compete in bodybuilding years ago. I’m looking not to compete, but start hitting the gym heavily again. Since leaving the fitness scene for some time, I’ve had what essentially amounts to two shoulder reconstructive surgeries. I’ve had a total of six surgeries between my knees and shoulders and my back is terrible.

    My question is two pronged.

    1. My back causes me the biggest issue. I haven’t trained legs heavily in years because damned near the only excercises that don’t hurt are leg extensions and curls. What excercises can I incorporate into my leg routine with the goal of hypertrophy?

    2. On a broader theme, how can I train with hypertrophy and strength in mind whilst treating my body better? Heavy loaded sets, shoulder press, deadlifts, bent over rows, etc., won’t work for me. I’m severely limited in what I can do.. Are any dreams of returning to my “former glory” hopeless?


    1. Hack squats, pendulum squats, leg press, leg extensions, seated leg curls

    2. spend some time looking through all the exercises i use mostly. There’s nothing you “have to” do. More raises over shoulder presses, or machine press. Chest supported rows over bent over. Get the notion of “heavy” being the issues out of your brain. It’s not the load that causes issues. It’s poor alignment, less than perfect form, multiplied by time and volume. Find movements that are pain free. Load and progress them. Spend way more time with my “activations, unfockers and Broga”.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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