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    Ida Devereaux

    I just started the cannonball program. I noticed that the first 4 weeks is low reps. I’m finding it hard to keep to the 6-8 rep ranges for lat raises, rear delts. I can lift heavier, but everything else takes over- esp my traps. Is it ok to do these at 12-20 rep ranges even for first few weeks?

    Also, can I please put a request to the app more swap friendly when it comes to exercises? Sometimes both substitute of exercises- I can’t do 🙈. The cables are 7kgs min. And I can’t do lat raises with them. Not unless I swing and use my legs. I think for a guy it’s ok but I’m a girl who wants to grow my upper body. But it’s hard when you can’t do both the substitute. I have to open up another app just to track my weights separately.

    Also to swap body parts. Like chest for back etc.

    Can we also have a timer 😆

    Thank you. Awesome app and program 👏

    Ida Devereaux

    Bumping this up. Can I please do more reps or should I try my hardest to keep to the low rep ranges? Esp for side and rear delts?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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