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    Deni Hadziabdic

    So I recently read somewhere that eating simple carbs can add fat while in a slight surplus from insulin spikes if you’re not like single digit bf

    My weight is pretty stable right now and going up maybe 1lb a month or so. Currently at 254lbs in the morning.

    In terms of carbs I’m eating whole wheat bread in the morning, 5 servings of white rice split over 2 other meals, and last meal is 4 servings of regular Cheerios with protein powder.

    Basically just curious if I should switch this for more complex carbs like brown rice or something. Or I’m just overthinking it.

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    Deni Hadziabdic

    Really appreciate the response, that makes a lot of sense. I guess I’ll just try rotating it a bit and note what kind of differences I see.

    Thinking now I def feel a bit lathergic after eating the white rice but I always attributed that to big meals. I’ll switch it up and see if it makes a difference

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