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    Hi Joe.

    I’ve been watching/listening to a lot of your videos, Q&N’s etc and the guidance videos and I’ve seen that you mention not having a carb dense meal before a workout?

    I am currently eating around 3000 Cals atm P250g C350-400g F60g (have a bit more carbs on training days and take them up to around 400g) now I have 5 meals a day.

    I usually train after meal 3 (just how my schedule works but often around 12-1pm I eat that and I train around 3pm. My biggest carb meal is usually my PWO MEAL which is usually a rice based cereal with some protein.

    That being said meal 2 is quite carb dense and meal 3 is (well they are pretty much identical. Usually 175g chicken, 100g (dry weight) rice, broccoli and apple with meal 2 and 2 rice cakes and 20g dark choc with meal 3.

    Would you suggest lowering the carbs a little with meal 3 and adding those carbs to my PWO meal (I usually have 120g coco pops) maybe I could have 150g?

    I tend not to back load my carbs as much and keep my last meal of the day pretty low carb because after that PWO meal I’m quite full.

    Any advice would be appreciated thank you.

    Tom 👍🏽


    Thank you guys so here’s a breakdown of what I eat atm. I do tweak my meals as and when needed.

    Meal1: 30g protein 30g egg white powder, banana (blended in a shake) with 2 crumpets and 20g peanut butter.

    Meal 2: 175g chicken, 100g rice (dry weight), 100g broccoli, 1/2 apple.

    Meal 3: same as meal 2 but with a extra 2 rice cakes and 20g dark chocolate 90% (pre workout

    PWO meal: 45g protein 120g coco pops.

    Meal 5: 185g turkey mince, 1 pitta bread and broccoli or salad.

    Works out around 3000 Cals, P260g C400g F60g

    I’m very consistent with my meals etc and always prepping, just when people say don’t over thing your nutrition, it’s hard not to.

    Steps are around 10-15k a day, on the PPL 2.0 split. And current BW is 68kg. Goal is to be around 70-75 and weight is stalling atm.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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