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    Hi! I have been lifting for 3 years now not enhanced and i have put on about 40 pounds yet. (Not just muscle, little bit of fat as well) now my endurance is very bad and i want to get fitter again.
    I train 4 times a week upper lower and i want to do my cardio sessions right after the weight sessions to save time.
    How long would you suggest? Should i do cardio on all 4 days?

    Paul Boyd

    I done a similar split and followed each session with short, max effort stuff. Which you could build on over time depending on your recovery. Supersets

    Lower day…
    prowler push, 3 x 40 meters.
    Standing ball slams 3 x 15

    Battle ropes 3 x 30 doubles
    Farmers db carry 3 x 40 metres

    assault bike 5 x 8 secs
    Box jumps 5 x 5

    ski erg 5 x 10 strokes
    Db snatch 5 x 5 each side

    You can obviously add in, replace, remove, or switch things up.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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