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    Kaleb Hollie


    Entered your challenge and got off to a great start.

    Without going super detailed just to work my way around to saying: I made excuses and failed my diet along the way and have not leaned out. My own fault, not the diet.

    Consistency was not king with my diet and it shows.

    Now to my question, what is the best way to finish these last weeks strong? I don’t care about winning the prize. I care about doing the right thing and finishing as strong as I can because it is crucial for me going forward.

    I know the typical answer, get consistent and do the diet. But would you change by lowering calories the 500 you suggest in your video or just go with the original plan because it may work itself if it’s followed?

    It’s a short term question, curious for your input.

    Thanks man,
    Kaleb Hollie

    Kaleb Hollie

    Seriously, thanks man for the advice and answering. I am cutting and the diet originally was working, so I plan to adhere to it.

    That was what I was looking for. This app is great, learning a lot from it. By far, best investment I’ve made for furthering my knowledge with training. Going through your trainer videos and taking notes, it’s extremely useful and changing how I approach things.

    So thanks again man, I really appreciate it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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