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    Ignacio Ramirez

    hello coach, I am finished my 4th week of the terrence and joe current program but with the difference that I changed the push/pull for chest/shoulder day and the truth is that I have been doing very well, I have progressed throughout the program in terms of strength and gains except for one exercise in particular on shoulder/chest day, incline chest machine. I have it programmed as a second exercise, in the 4 weeks that I have done my top sets with 90 pounds per side and I always get 8 repetitions, I am stuck in that exercise despite trying to perfect the technique. I don’t know if I should do a deload and then change the exercise or change another aspect of the routine. This is what my push days look like, since my main goal to improve is my chest since it is my week point. Thanks

    Incline DB press 2 sets
    Shoulder machine press 2 sets
    Dips 3 sets
    Pecdeck 3 sets
    Cable lateral raises 3 sets
    Pushdowns 3 sets
    Over head cable 3 sets

    Flat DB press 2 sets
    Incline machine press 3 sets
    High cable flys + push ups 2-3 sets
    Y cable raise 3 sets
    DB laterals with DB heavy partials 3 sets
    DB shrugs 2 sets

    Tom Jensen

    If you have better technique Now, see that as your progress. A very important progress. And if you progress in All other movements I wouldn’t worry about it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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