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    Hello. I think i have problems that i exhausted my CNS (lot’s of stress in the past gym 4x week, night shifts 6 per month, bad sleep quality etc.. this contiounsly was over 2-3years.). I am telling you this because no doctor ever find a clue why i am so fatigue all the time etc.. Only functional medicine docs. suspected that i have weak adrenals, thyroid, insulin resistence and magnesium defiency but that was 1.5years ago like. Now i trully feel mentally strong, but still can’t handle much physical stress. Because if i train and it would be too much for my body (for example workout of 5sets) i would’nt shut my stess for ours, be alert etc… Ok so 1.5month ago i discovered that i was always chest breather (shallow breath) so i thought that’s why breathing exercises don’t work for me and causes more stress. When i changed i quickly noticed that i am much more calm and finally breathing exercises work. Later on i discovered Wim Hof method with all his thoughts about inflammation etc. So i thought i must take a shot do his breathing exercises and cold showers every day. I started slowly increasing duration of cold showers from 2-3s to up to 1 minute.  After 2 weeks i experienced what i didin’t experienced in my whole life -waking up in the middle of the night at light 2 A.M. I was wtf is going on. And it contiounsly was 3-4 days in a row waking up at night. Ok i took a break from cold showers and later i thought it would be a good idea to buy a smartwatch to track my stress, resting heart rate to make some changes. After i bought it 1-2 weeks i saw big spikes in my resting heart rate everyday. It was like from 70 to 150 RHR every hour. But that higher number stays a little. And every day it was like that. I started to increase carbohydrates (me 90kg 190cm) from like 120g per day to 250g and saw some improvement in that. I now started every other day training with only compound exercises (total 6-9sets) with 3-5min rests to go every set as fresh as possible. Total 45min. training. In the morning i always go outside to get natural light and then meditate 10min’s with Calm app. I saw hypertrophy coach supplement’s which he take’s. So now i take in the morning vit D, multi Vit., Ashwaganda, electrolytes, Omega (6-7g total higher dosage.). I workout in the morning after high protein + fat breakfast. During workout i use -intra workout carbs, EAA, BCAA, Citruline Malate. After workout Creatine (taurine, glycine there 3.5g), magnesium bisglycinate 500mg, theanine 200mg, protein shake (there is also 24g BCAA and 20g Glutamine.) and eat like 4 kiwi’s. After an hour i eat normal meal. Right before bed -magnesium citrate, theanine, taurine, vit C. And now i ordered HCL (hair mineral analysis test showed that i may be lack of it) and Berberine (because if i have not good sleep quality that means i am insulin resistence?). So guys thank’s for your patience reading and i am asking for your thoughts. I basically will follow higher protein diet and calories surplus. Only make higher carb days when i workout as in the website diet suggestions. My libido is really low and not training really don’t do any good tO me.



    1. Do you think guys my diafragm is still weak after being shallow breather for years and that’s why WIm Hof’s breathing exercises may be too much for me?

    2. How do you suggest keep my cold showers but lower amount or take it off until i fully recover?

    3. How much time is it worth to meditate per day?

    Thank’s guys for answers.

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    It’s really tough to say for sure honestly. There’s is just so much that goes into this (even with all the detail you provided, still tough to say). For sure I can say taking some time to meditate can’t hurt anything – and in reality should help everything. I would be inclined to say the breathing techniques should also be beneficial to keep in, but not 100% for sure. My guess would be that your sleep, and shift sleeping is still the stem of your problem. My recommendation would be the same thing I did/do myself – get an outside consult with some who’s area of expertise this falls in. Specifically to help with sleep. I would reach out to Dr Dean St Mart. If you can’t find him on Instagram, let me know and I’ll connect you. I personally pay him for consults as well, and he’s sharp and cost is reasonable. I think that could help direct you to the root cause(s), and not waste any more time guessing. Hope that helps! Let me know how it works out!


    Joe, i would defently do that but unfortunatly i really need to save money right now due this quarantine. Later i will definetly contact him if until that point i don’t discover how to solve this problem. Past few weeks i had big spikes in my resting heart rate like 50-140 every hour and only before sleep it stabilizes. I track this by my samsung galaxy watch. Good news is that when i increased my daily carbohydrates intake to 35-40% i see that my resting heart rate dropped like from 80 to 69 in like 10 days. I don’t have these big spikes anymore and heart rate is much more stable, stress levels (i guess watch measures heart rate variability) tend to decrease every day  (unless i train that day). I noticed if i have a stressfull day to my body my face will be very puffy/ round like holding water and my belly also and spikes in weight. I don’t know what’s happening. I readed that if adrenals has to much stress it releases more cortisol so that could be a reason of my puffy face, water retention and why increased carbohydrates works for me (to lower cortisol). Does it makes sense? Any ideas what could be going on?


    Not much I can really add to Joes response. I’m sure as Joe said if you look at Deans Instagram he has a highlight about managing shift pattern sleeping. I use 5HTP to help manage stress and it’s fairly cheap. Probably worth, once you have the money “, to get a blood test from medichecks or another similar company to see if there is anything in the results that may help you. I’m not sure what your goals are at the moment, but 250g carbs seems like you might be in a deficit and 125g seems too low for 90kg.

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