Collagen Hydrolysate, Protein Absorbtion and splitting meals.

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    I’m gonna keep this very short and straightforward since the first I wrote this it was 9 paragraph autobiography lol..

    I have my daily intake split into 9 meals. 6 being meals and 3 being snacks. I’ve tracked my macros for over two years, took the last year off for tracking when I started lifting and now it’s to get serious again. Tracking literally was the most important thing I did to help me lose 300+ pds since 2018. So I can safely say I should know what I’m doing but am always looking to correct any mistakes I may make before making them.

    With the body being able to only absorb so much protein per hour each of my 9 eating times I have roughly 30g of protein for my intake. At s to maximize my protein per meal I have in the past used collagen Hydrolysate to cap off my protein and still am.

    Would just adding more protein in the form of food be more beneficial. Or, by me adding let’s say 12g of Hydrolysate for that 10g of protein to save on calories for more calories later in the day be just as beneficial as protein from a food source?

    It’s a balance I like to do so I can technically get more food later on in the day especially before I go into rest mode to keep me satisfied/satiated.

    Calories and protein really aren’t an issue just seeing what your thoughts are on what I call capping off my macros for each meal with collagen Hydrolysate to hit that 30g( ish) mark I set.


    Definitely makes sense and I will take a step back and restructure my diet after some review and as I’ve always done watch for progress and go from there. I appreciate the detailed information and I’ll keep doing what I do best and that is learn from my mistakes.

    I especially liked how you mentioned insulin spikes and glucose levels which I used to monitor a lot when I was strictly low carb moderate fat. But that diet is something of the past and a new diet is emerging to fuel this lifting program.

    I still honestly can’t thank you and Joe enough for all the info I’ve learned from you two alone over some of the crap we get in other forums.

    As I’ve always told others our diets are like science experiments and once we figure out how to make food fuel our body properly it’s amazing what the body and mind can do.

    In the last year I made really great progress on my own but with you guys backing me with this information and guidance I definitely see lots of PRs being broken👍

    lotsof PRs being broken.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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