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    Hey there!
    My goal for the next 40 days is to improve my delts and arms.
    With having that in mind, I was thinking of somehow doing the combination of “cannonball delts” & “armaggedon” program.
    If its possible to run them both, how should I run them?
    If above is not possible, could I just do the regular push,pull,legs and have a special day for arms and special day for delts, resulting in training 5 days a week?
    If neither of above is recommended, could I for example stick to one of them and then just add aditional sets or pumpwork on the days where I “lightly touch” the specific muscle. For example:
    Push pull delts legs->on the push day add aditional volume for triceps(if so, in which form?), on the pull day add aditional volume for biceps(if so, in which form?), and on the delts day just stick to the plan?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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