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    Hello! I am planning on running the 6 Week delts focused program called Come Here Cannonballs. I already went roughly through the plan I am wondering how can I apply this split to a week. If I understand it correctly, the program is based on training only 4 times a week (Push, Pull, Delts, Legs) and so my question is where should I have those 3 rest days. Or should I run the program like 4+1 split? Thanks for the help!


    I would really appreciate an answer.


    Thank you for the answer! The thing is that I doing this kinda full time right now and I was used to train like 6 times a week, pre-show and even in off season. That’s why I kinda feel like I am not doing enough when training 4 times a week and for example doing only one exercise for arms per week. But I am in off season right now and maybe this is the way to improve again, so I’ll try it out. Only thing that stresses me is the option to add a exercise or a whole workout day to the plan, I want to do this 100% but at the same time I don’t wanna overdo it. We’ll see, this is only the first week, maybe at week 4-6 I am going to be devastated even from 4 training sessions and fever exercises a week!


    Thanks again for the answer! I’ll take all that in consideration and go on, very helpful!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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