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    Rei Koka

    Hi Joe and Bryce!

    Coach Joe I have seen your video about the gym equipments walkthrough but in a commercial gym there are some stuff that would be better compared to a more personal gym. For example having more selectorized pieces because they are just easier to change the weight rather than adding and removinf plates. With that in mind there might be a new project for a new gym here in albania that may happen. And in order to make a difference all the gyms here have either technogym and panatta and even from those brands the equipments selection has been, lets create a gym and make some money rather than whats the best equipments we can buy because they don’t know shit for equipments either. Anyways I have created a list of some of the equipments as a starting point ? Would you mind having a look and what would you add/change? For a tbar row what would you suggest from the new ones and hack squatbfrom atlantis i have my doubts because the foot plate isnt adjuatable? Is the watson ne version better? Atpantis you have range of motion is pretty bad as you have mentioned and in a commercial gym using those pads aint really the best approach in my opinion. What hack would you suggest?

    1. Prime Fitness USA

    1. Plate Loaded Line
    • Chest Press
    • Incline Press
    • Extreme Row

    2. Hybrid Line
    • Shoulder Press
    • Seated Leg Curl
    • Pec/Rear Delt Fly
    • Leg Extension
    • Inner Outer Thigh
    • Abdominal Crunch

    3. Evolution
    • Seated Row

    4. Functional Trainer
    5. HLP Selectorized Rack

    6. Accessories
    • Prime Rot8 Handles
    • Prime Rot8 Short Bar
    • Prime Rot8 4n1, 3n1
    • Trap Bar
    • Kaz Handles
    • Prime Solos Squat Wedge
    • Prime Adjustable Bench

    2. Atlantis

    1. Plate Loaded
    • Hack Squat
    • Pendulum Squat / Maybe also predator strength
    • Pivot Press
    • Tibia dorsi flexion
    • Viking Press
    • P-439 Decline / Flat Converging Bench Press

    2. Selectorized
    • Lying Leg Curl
    • Seated Side/ Rear Deltoid
    • Standing Lateral Raise

    3. Watson
    1. Animal Leg Press with Pakulski Adjustments
    2. Plate Loaded Pec Fly
    3. 10 multi station

    4. Nautilus
    1. Glute Drive

    Rei Koka

    Between the atlantis pivot press and cybex squat press which are attached in photos which would you choose? This is cybex new version not the one you have in your gym but at least looks the same idk if the newer version is worse or not. Saw another coach say that he prefers the atlantis one but obv I love to take 2nd opinions and obv price will be smth that matters too. In the atlantis one the foot plate just like cybex actually moves a bit in that bottom position to allow for more dorsiflexion. As for the watson I agree with what you said and I wont buy their hack squat, I do like their leg press for the size and the option to move on leg at a time, I did saw the elite fts version you have  mentioned before thats like the watson leg press but it was like twice more expensive. And the option of having shoulder pads I think it should probably feel very nice when it comes to bracing. As for the 10 multistation watson was the best I could find for the ability to have 2 pulldowns and 2 rows while also having on the outside of the station movable cable options, like it has those holes so yoh slide it to put it wherever you want rather than just having top and bottom fixed. Which in albania is rare because people are stupid and dont know ehat to choose.

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