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    Riko Andrej Cetin


    As mentioned, I’m currently doing the powerbuilder program and cutting down. Nothing extra, just want to look good for summer and maintain strength.
    My job on the other side requires me to run the Cooper test normally at the end of the year. This year they switched things up (by surprise) and move the test to the end of May. So I’m in need for some urgent conditioning work.
    My question is how to add it to the program and not overdo (overtrain)? Currently started the 4th week.

    Riko Andrej Cetin

    Thanks for the quick response! Gold!

    If it’s not much to ask.. What would you do for the actual conditioning work? Especially for running?
    I know what to do or what I have done in the past but would like to get your input for some new ideas (to add) and to make it as fun & interesting as possible. Thanks again


    Dr. Andy Galpin just spoke about this on the Huberman podcast. One big thing to consider when doing cardio is the eccentric loading of whatever exercise you’re doing. Things like running, jumping, downhill walking, etc. have a large amount of eccentric load bearing compared to something more concentric like biking, rowing, swimming, etc. I’m by no means in expert on this, but seeing as you’re doing the powerbuild program I would consider these factors when choosing your method of cardio

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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