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    So on the topic of political conservatism… nah just joking

    On the topic of conservatism in the weight room / I know this is a highly subjective and a it depends answer but these have been my personal observations which I’m shearing and perhaps seeking validation or a different view point

    My primary chest compound is a 30* incline smith with a reverse band – the band is somewhere between a light and medium band – if that makes sense and I use it as prescribed so it slacks right around the last 4 inches or so before lockout

    Finally hit 3 plates a side on bench for the first time – sure I had to wrap my elbows and wrists and optimize the loading profile with a band – but I suppose with orangutan arms it was that or be stuck at “225” forever

    Anyway my personal observation

    I like to get to a load one session

    The next session I’ll stick with it until I hit the upper limit of my rep range

    The following session I’ll use the same load until I have standardized form IE 3-4 count negatives with a strong concentric

    This can take some time

    I’ll stick with this until the firm is standardized

    Then I’ll continue to stick with the load until I beat the upper range of my rep range by 2-3 reps IE move the weight for 10-12 reps from 6-8

    All the while I’ll keep micro loading my back off set which is anywhere from 20% to 25% lighter than my top set

    Now I understand this is a if it floats your boat and keeps you happy and your joints healthy and stable go with it but I wanted to also know the progression model both of you as coaches personally use – especially considering how much more advanced you both are than an average joe (no pun intended) like myself would you recommend something this conservative or would you recommend something a little more aggressive?

    Also ever since I began implementing cues and themes I’ve learned here eg alignment, bracing, finding a better resistance / loading profile – my need to switch movements on push(upper and lower) and unilateral flex ion and extension has completely been eradicated – I suppose once you’re making the machine tooled to the body you don’t need to keep switching it up – my only conundrum is pulling movements where my equipment both at home and the gym is woeful and difficult to really adjust resistance curves to be heavy in the lengthened position and light in a shortened but I digress

    Thanks for your response in advance!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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