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    Hey coach! Question… there’s a popular trainer (Miami, Fl) that has been recording his athletes using the cuffs for side laterals but placing them above the elbow. When I asked “why?”, they stated “less stabilizing” and “cutting the moment arm in 1/2 and creating less shear force in the elbow”. Is this another one of those “trainers that are wordy for no reason”? To me, it’s reducing range of motion and don’t we want the moment arm to be longer? Thanks!

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    Got it! Thanks!


    At one time when my elbow tendinitis was really bad I done my cuffs laterals this way,
    It meant one less exercise the elbows would take a beating
    Because the moment arm is shorter you also have to increase the load compare to a full wrist cuff placement,
    And watch out for the body placement(cables angles) you may have to get the bench and your body way more in the machine if that make sense,
    To get the same drop off

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