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    Hi Joe and Bryan!
    It’s been a month and a half or so since I joined and couldn’t be happier.
    First of all big thumbs up for the app, probably the best and worth every cents just for the amazing and quality content!
    Big up for the technical assistance cause they are quite fast in responding and resolving the issues (most of the times just smaller bugs).

    I was undecided between flamingo and pec augmentation but went with the last one as my chest (“lucky” me😜) needs a bit more work (upper) and than split the lower day in 2 as I always did in the past (quads/adductors and hamstrings/calves).
    Now keep in mind that on week 5 all the workouts exercises did reset to the default ones (I spent 4 weeks customizing the program as you can see from screenshots and yes already reported this with assistance) so on the “Lower” and “Chest” day is still week 4 volume, while “Quads” is a custom workout I made.

    SIDE NOTE: as I was uploading the pics I noticed you can put up to 4 so I will write the quads day in the comment just in case someone is interested in the split.

    I don’t really have a specific question, I was more curious about your opinion on the split and especially since I had to change a few exercise such:
    -RDL on hams day not back and I could change it with stiff leg deadlift
    -Single arm hip supported row switched with RDL but I’m not sure if it’s just redundant with bent over DB rows (the exercise after)
    -Chest day I’m pretty sure I changed at least 2 exercise because I don’t have any decent chest/back machine (welcome to Italians gym) so what I did was putting back the high incline smith and put more stable movements at the end of the workout (high incline since I already have the incline as first movement which I actually could do with barbell since DB is on my first day, will see).

    I know “if it works is good” but I was wondering if you would change anything about exercise order or selection (as I was writing it came up that I could change the chest fly machine with cable for the upper chest and not sternal, yes I know it’s a bias not just this or that) or stuff like that. Your overall review I guess.

    If anyone decided to copy paste this split I would suggest to create each day from scratch as taking an already existing program and modifying it comes with a few “bugs”, I’m not getting into it as this is already pretty long, sorry about that!
    Hopefully you can’t tell that I’m a bit of a nerd and meathead (cause if you don’t push under the weights what’s the point of a “perfect” split?) just like you Joe!
    Thank you for the help!

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    Quads/adductors day
    *Bryce not Bryan my bad but you can’t save the draft for later (new feature?). Lucky me I modified the pics before or it would have been a pain.

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    Why don’t you just buy bands


    I do have bands at home, I have to buy the daisy chain but I will eventually use them in the gym. It’s just a pain to bring them in the gym, try not forgetting them and also keeping an eye out since some attachments were already stole from my gym. Or just keep going back and forth to the locker to put them away, kinda of a waste of time but yeah eventually I will I guess

    Andrew Fancher

    Just my .02 here but I’d combine your lower and quads days to essentially a lower pull day and lower push day. For example for your lower pull day… take 1 ham out, add a quad (probably leg ext), take 1 calf out. For your lower push day… take 1 quad out, add a ham (probably seated leg curls) , and add a calf. This will balance the lower workouts out tremendously, still gives you the frequency of hitting the muscle 2x a week but it’s done in a sustainable fashion. That is essentially how Bryce and Joe’s Upper/Lower 2.0 split is designed and I absolutely love it
    Only other thing I would possibly recommend is adding another side delt raise on your other chest day so you are least hitting it 2x a week, but that’s just me because I think the delts need a bit more attention


    Yes makes sense, I usually hit “quads” “chest” and then “lower” as my last 3 workouts so if I do combine them I’d probably add a rest day here between this 3 but it could work.
    Apparently I got lucky with shoulder genetics and they do grow easily (I didn’t even train them regularly in the past and still probably one of the best developed muscles). Keep in mind that the focus of the program is chest, so I don’t really feel like I have to do everything else twice.
    Thank you for the input tho, I appreciate and definitely will keep it in my mind to combine the lower days!

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