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    – Is there any benefit on doing deadlifts at the end of the back exercises instead of doing it first, since the back muscles are already tired and the weight would be lower?
    – Would it be better for back hypertrophy because the muscles failing would be the back muscles instead of the glutes or any other leg muscle when done at the start of the session.
    – What about strength gains, would it be better if deadlifts are done at the start instead of the end?
    -Also my deadlift is weak when compared to my squat: 330 for 4 deadlift; 330 for 5 squat.
    I have some slight scoliosis but do you think that is the only reason why my deadlift isn’t as strong as it could be?
    -Sorry for the long questions lol
    Thanks in advance


    Thanks joe! Love the app so far

    What about doing leg curls before squats? Do you think its more benefitial or just stick to a squat variation first.
    And if leg curls do benefit when done before squats, do they affect the weight used on squats? Since the hams act as stabilizers on squats and they are fatigued and dont “stabilize” properly. Or thats not really a thing

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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