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    Lance Lopez

    Hey Joe and Bryce!

    Hope you guys are doing well. I wanted to hear your guys’d thoughts on working with frustrating clients.

    Im going through PN curriculum and learned about changing our mindset as coaches to not view clients with shitty habits and lifestyle as bad clients. Rather to look for what’s good about the client.

    This has me thinking about a current client I’m working with whose not adhering to anything I say. Or doesn’t do any of the things I ask of her. It’s quite frustrating and part of me wants to fire her.

    But another part of me also realizes, this is a learning opportunity for me. To work with this client and do a better job of helping her adhere. Maybe she’s not a bad client. It’s the mindset that I have.

    As a bodybuilder coach, I’d Imagine you’d have to be stricter. Clients who don’t adhere are just wasting your time. But this may be different since we are working with athletes.

    How do you guys cross the line? What has been your experience? And what advice would you give me?


    Hey, thought I’d chip in here.

    I’ve been a coach for over 10 years with gen pop clients and a couple high end clients.

    The biggest mistake from bodybuilding coaches is the one size fits all, black & white fixed mindset. Setting unrealistic expectations because you’d do that, no matter what because you’re a body builder.

    I’ve also nearly completed the PN course and as a UK coach, I find some of it a bit soft and wish washy. BUT it is great if applied properly and tailored to each individual. For instance, the client you have (I have a couple like that so bear with me, I get it’s frustrating and I often think about ending my services with them) might not be ready for change. A lot of people come to us coaches because by simply enquiring or hiring us, is a HUGE step for them. And the next step of adherence often needs to be bridged by empathy, understanding, improve by 1% and you’ve made a huge improvement approach.

    Sometimes guilt holds them back. They know they shouldn’t be snacking on shit, completing their workouts but they feel ashamed of themselves and guilty for wanting to change. Sometimes the change, although needed, is prevented by themselves because they’re scared to fail. They don’t want to fail, they know it’s hard and they’re scared of letting themselves down and you down, so they opt for doing fuckall or very little action towards change because it’s easier. Sometimes, it’s deeper than calories in v calories out.

    I hope this helps & sheds light onto different ways of thinking.


    Such a good set of advice

    Lance Lopez

    You guys are the best! I really appreciate the advice 🙏🏽

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