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    Megan Aufrichtig

    Im conflicted on how to set my diet plan. For background, I’ve been lifting for several years with pretty abysmal results. I recently did a “bulk” and put on about 7 pounds. I have increased my strength quite a bit. At this point, I would really like to continue getting stronger but would like to lean out and lose some fat. I definitely do not wish to gain anymore weight (unless it’s muscle). I set my goal as a recomp, but is a recomp even possible for someone who isn’t a beginner? Would I be better of setting it to fat loss?

    Paul Boyd

    Cut until you are happy with your body fat percentage then bulk. I think it is hard to be happy with your physique if you are carrying more body fat than you like, no matter how much muscle you have. It is a head fuck when cutting as you feel like you are fading away. I lost 2.5 kilo and thought I was going to slip into a drain. But you will look better which is probably why we are doing it.


    This can be a total mind f*#@. I’ve been down this road and I agree with what Paul said. Cut until your happy with your physique and then put on some muscle. I spent years trying to lean out while putting on muscle because I didn’t want to get too skinny. This ended up wasting so much time going back and forth and getting nowhere. I realized that the fat has to come off first in order to build.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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