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    Pulkit Kapoor

    Hi Joe/ Bryce

    I would like to get both of yours opinion on my physique.

    I have started bodybuilding and am in a bit of doubt of how to proceed further. I am right now 147 pounds at 5’7 height. Been cutting since about 2 months and am taking about 1900 cals since the last 2 weeks.

    Should I keep doing the same and reduce my body fat further or should I start putting size ? And any tips on how to go about the either are very appreciated. Also if you have any remarks about what body parts I am lacking, please tell. I know that I need growth everywhere but whatever your advise, it is very welcome

    Please find the attached pics and if any other info or pics required, do ask.

    Thanks a lot already for your time and advice and sorry for the bad posing :3

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    Pulkit Kapoor

    Thanks Bryce. I calculated my cals to be needed to build muscle from the app. It showed around 2700. So should I jump from 19 to 2700 directly or should I do it incrementally like going to say 2300 or 2500 and increasing as my muscle mass increases?

    Pulkit Kapoor

    Thanks a lot Joe and Bryce! Will work with the advices you guys gave and will update here after some months of consistent work and learnings.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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