Do you ever feel like your eating more than how hard you think that you are training?

HypertrophyCoach Joe Bennett Forums Anything Else Do you ever feel like your eating more than how hard you think that you are training?

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    Hi Coaches?

    Just a quick question and something That I’ve been thinking of lately. Maybe I’ve been in a surplus for longer than I should I don’t know because I’m not a judge of when to do a mini cut, have a recovery phase or when to tweak food etc but yeah I’ve been in a surplus now for over 10months maybe a year or so, and I started at 61kg, I went to to 74kg earlier this year, (that being said all boxes have been ticked, macros managed, protein goals hit, sleep, digestion, stress etc, consistency has always been there and steps etc) but I’ve gone down to 68kg and I’ve been here for some weeks now, I’m currently following the anti flamingo, I added an extra arm day and on my rest days I make sure they are active recovery days) I’m eating around 3000kcals but I feel fluffy, I feel like I’m gaining more fat and feel like am I training as hard as I should. Now I’m hitting PB’s in some movements and some exercises I can’t nudge from. I sometimes leave the gym thinking have I done enough, I’m eating the same foods if not more judging by the scales, my energy levels and if I know I’ve had a more output week than usual. (Just upped certain ingredients etc) I know muscle takes time to build but after a few days, i sometimes feel like that skinny fat guy again and it’s really frustrating because I’m literally doing everything that’s asked of me and have been doing for a very long time, even before I started a gaining phase.
    When it comes to exercises I’m pushing myself and giving my all, I’m focussed on the correct form, and trying to stop my ego from taking over am with trying to add weight when I know form is not 100% sometimes. I’m just mind boggled with it all knowing I’m doing what I should be and it’s so frustrating.
    I’m 39yrs old and I have a pretty decent physique but I know 150% it could be better. But how can you better things when you are doing what your asked to do if that makes sense, plus is there any sense in doing cardio when in a surplus phase?
    I just feel stuck atm, but will continue to stay consistent as always 💪🏽

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    Tom Jensen

    Hi Tom, did you get down to 68 kg Intentionally? Because you felt fluffy.


    Hey Tom, yeah what it was was that I went from having a coach and he was trying to feed me up to build muscle, but long story short was that I went from 61kg to 74kg. I was on a round 2200 and he pushed me up to around 4500 Cals, that was over around 4 months and I had to cancel him due to financial reasons but with my background of huge weightloss it left me in a bad way mentally, and this is my problem. Although i am in good shape now, I still am scared of gaining the weight again and eating more than I am used to especially with my background. You can follow my journey on Instagram (Tomsjourneyy) and you will see, but these coaches have no idea what mental side of things it does to you especially when the information and advise is so cluttered and overloaded out their because I would say I’m new to bodybuilding but know quite a bit myself. I just feel most of these coaches are in it for the money and don’t realise what it does to peoples mental health and with those with real lives, kids, jobs and responsibilities, and budget! But I lost my mum back in feb, so that’s why my weight reduced, I reduced my Cals as well because training wasn’t 100% but I’ve kept consistent with it and with my training, I’ve not missed any days! I’m just taking each day as it comes but yeah the thoughts still go through my head and social media and these people really impact my confidence! They have no idea!

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