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    Matthew Hall

    Hi Joe,
    I submitted A question a few months ago about a lower back and Glute pain. You suggested seeing an MAT practitioner, which I’ve been doing once per week. I also bought back mechanic. Once per week was the clinicians recommendation. I’m not sure if it’s a placebo thing or if it’s actually been helping, but I have slight improvements for like 24 hrs after a session then the pain comes back.

    I know these things Come with a lot of nuance so it’s hard to give a recommendation, but I know that my recruitment pattern (the thing causing my pain) is affecting my form in upper body exercises too. In your opinion should I stop training for upper body hypertrophy while I’m trying to resolve my pain? I have not been squatting or loaded hip hinging for over 2 years now because of this issue l, and I want to train my whole body and feel athletic again.

    I recognize there are 1000 variables and questions necessary to give an apt answer but I’ll take what I can get lol. Thanks, Matt

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