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    There was a video where Doug brignole talked about his sissy squat and squat math. It goes like this “I will usually say if you’re a 200Ib guy and you got 200Ibs on your back squatting, you’re getting about 950Ibs of load per quadricep, but if you do the sissy squat variation and you weight 200Ibs no additional weight you’ll load each of your quadriceps 1200Ibs of resistance = more stimulation for growth” I tried asking him for the math and they replied with “200+200 = 400 total Ibs divided by 2 legs is 200 Ibs per leg x the length of the lower leg “lever” (a ratio), X 30% (the degree of lower leg tilt from vertical neutral position) = 950Ibs per quadricep. That’s for the standard BB squat. Now for the sissy squat it’s 200Ibs divided by 2 legs = 100Ibs per leg, X the same lower leg length, X 100% (horizontal/maxim magnification) = approx 1200Ibs. Sorry if this is a long question but I wanted to ask if the math here is right or if it’s missing some context or did he calculate some things wrong and made it more complicated. I’m asking this more out of curiosity not to sound smart I just want to under stand the math better because I love the nerd talk and I’m taking a biomechanics course in school 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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