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    Josh Kennerley

    So im asking this after watching your video on instagram about unqualified trainers. As coaching is something id love to persue. I was abit of an idiot in school I dont have the qualifications or money I would need to attend university in the UK.

    My plan was to educate myself as much as possible theough this app and ive recently been looking at courses like J3U university by John Jewett. Then I planned to apply what I have learned to myself, coach myself to a comp and compete. I would also like to take on a few clients for free so I can apply my knowlege over a year or two and hopefully learn more about coaching. This would obviously take a few years of gaining knowlege before ever charging someone money.

    Im wondering if you think this is an acceptable way to get into coaching or do you think I need some form of college/university degree? I dont want to be one of those uneducated people pretending im something that I am not. Also if you know of any forms of education/courses that i could do while still working? Thanks in advance

    Josh Kennerley

    Thanks alot Joe. It was yourself and John Meadows who inspired me to want to train and coach. Working through the HC university vids and planned on moving through the hypertrophy nerd shit and trainers corner after. I love educating myself on new topics and love bodybuilding so im really excited to take this route.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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