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    Chris Meulbroek

    Hey guys Goodmorning,

    In the p/p/l split and the pec augmentation chest day.

    You have a free weight bench press or incline press -> pecfly/cable fly-> a other free weight flat press or incline.

    I have the feeling my chest is thrashed after flys and the stabilization is fatigue what makes my power out put for the second free weight push excercise less.

    Why did you guys programmed it this way? And not for example a machine press instead of free weight.
    First the both free weights and after that the fly variation?

    Im curious about the thought process behind it

    Simo Matikainen

    Check out my question that I got answered before. Chest (mmc). Not sure about the exercise order, other than meat and potatoes first and then lowest stability exercise because it would be way harder do it last in the workout, dumbbels are kinda in between and machine last as it has most stability and we are most tired at that point.

    Chris Meulbroek

    Yeah that’s also my philosophy but the incline bench press or dumbbell bench press are pretty stability exercises in my experience while the chest fly or peck deck is way less stability in comparison. So I’m wondering why tire the chest specific and after that is the bench or dumbbell press planned. And maybe there a good thought process behind that and I’m curious what that is

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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