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    Jacob Hinshaw

    I was wondering how I should go about changing exercises workout to workout? For example i do incline smith on one of my push days and on my other chest day would you say I should keep the same exercises or change it to incline barbell or something? Just as an example. I’m just really curious how you go about that with every body part. Thank you Joe!

    Mike Cruz

    Hey Jacob…

    I know Bryce and Joe will give you an answer, but I personally have two push and pull days that I rotate…I keep the same fly movement and side delt movement with the cuff laterals…but have a low incline db press and a banded high incline..then the other is a low incline barbell and a slight decline dumbbell…pull days a like to rotate the banaded rack pulls and banded RDL every other workout but keep the same one arm lat pulldown…t bar row and a lat row as well as reverse pek dek…I like the variety…all great movements…just to give you some different idea

    best of luck training man!

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