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    First – amazing app and content, I’ve gleaned a ton of new knowledge. Appreciate the time everyone puts into making this happen.

    My question is regarding training around injuries, and any recommendations based on what I’m doing. My concern is around if I’m getting enough stimulus/what else I can be doing to make sure that I’m getting the most results working with what I can. I’m seeing a couple specialists to work on the underlying issues (inflammation, tendonitis, scapulothoracic bursitis, old shoulder injuries) but the skinny is that overhead pressing hurts, and that leads to many chest movements hurting, especially if I don’t manage my depth.

    There is a chest press machine that I’ve been progressing on with mostly zero pain, and the pec deck or even cable crossovers feel fine if I don’t stretch too far (armpit area/tendonitis can flare and I stop then). I currently do 2 push days with the first being lu raises > lateral raises > pec deck > chest press machine and the second being cable y raises SS cable lateral raises > crossovers > chest press machine (plus tris/calves on both days). Haven’t done much floor pressing but imagine that db floor press would feel alright also (I can test next push if you recommend. The Smith has always felt weird on the shoulder I’ve had surgeries on so I haven’t tried to use in ages)

    Since I’m not doing some of the “meat and potatoes” type of exercises and I feel like I’m missing out on stimulus for my chest and front delts, would you suggest more sets playing at failure in both high rep and low rep, diff. intensifiers, etc? It’s been a pain in the ass to stay motivated on push day and make it painless but I’m feeling like what I’m doing now is manageable as I’m getting better/help from specialists.

    Open to any and all feedback and thanks again for setting up such a great place to learn and progress.




    Money response Joe, thanks. I was falling into the mindset of needing to do “better” exercises or more vs what’s working for me and what I can do. As always great info. I’ve seen tremendous results and avoided the need to stop lifting by learning more mechanics and watching your videos. Thank you!


    Joe – had a follow up for you. As stated above, doing push 2x/week (P/P/L/rest with an extra rest day sometimes) with my chest feeling recovered by leg day doing the two exercises I discussed above (chest press machine/pecdeck or cable fly). I’m thinking about throwing in 1-2 working sets of the chest press machine on leg day to take advantage of this recovery, or at the very least test to see if that is the case at all.

    Assuming recovery is there, would you recommend changing the rep range or maybe leaving more reps in reserve on these leg day chest press sets?

    Each push session I go for beating the logbook on my 1 working set which is 10-12 reps (0-2rir depending). After that set I chase the same reps with the same weight but it requires a short rest/pause, and I usually finish off with a back off to just stretch at the bottom and get some slower reps in.

    I am the king of that chest press machine at this point and my ass is imprinted into the seat forever, lol

    Thanks dude

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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