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    ofir mesika

    Hi Joe and Bryce.
    If i do some exercise and “on paper” i do it correctly, all the variebles and cues etc,
    but i can’t get *muscular* failure.
    For example, i do chest supported db row and i feel my posterior deltoid and not the mid traps/rhomboids.
    should i lower the weight or keep going?

    Yes, i know that its more likley to feel the muscle in the shortened position like knee ext’ and i don’t looking for specific feeling but just want to know what to do..


    Simo Matikainen

    I wouldnt lighten the load, or you could do few heavy sets and few sets where you feel the muscle more. Feeling isnt everything. I also have very hard time feeling mid traps/rhomboids. Only thing I feel nice burn on traps/rhomboids is reverse fly. You could experiment with that if you want.

    ofir mesika

    Great as always, thanks!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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