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    Xavier Szyszko

    Decided I 100% want to compete next year in Teens division alongside my friend/training partner. Due to his birthday being mid October, our show will most likely be end of Sept/begin of Oct. Leaves us with about 8-9 months to keep bulking. Will definitely invest in a great coach (already know Luke Miller and AJ Morris well so looking at them as first choices) but of course will keep checking in with you guys for great advice as you have been providing me with. Making every workout count

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    Xavier Szyszko

    Thank you Joe, perfectly said. I’m so excited to do it and see if I’ll actually enjoy the prep and competing aspect; No point waiting till I’m early to mid 20s and then turns out I don’t even like it. I can’t wait to push my limits and as you said, I chose to do it so if I hate it, I can just stop (no worries, I won’t 😅). Ready to crush it and bring the best I possibly can!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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