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    Brad Clanton

    Good afternoon Joe and Bryce,

    I just wanted to follow up and update on a post from a month or so ago. I was able to get into the Dr and the results of the mri was a shoulder dislocation with hill Sachs injury as well as a significant labrum tear that they are going in to fix on Tuesday. This all happened from missing myself and the spotter missing the j cup on the right side and 275 came down pretty quick. According the the surgeon I’m looking at 5 weeks In a sling then beginning physical therapy and In an ideal world being full go( although likely significantly weaker) in 5-6 months. I was planning on. Keeping protein high for healing and muscle retention purposes but was curious about if you think it would be wise to keep calories at maintenance level or cut a bit. Dr. Said in 2 weeks I can get on the bike and 4 week the spin bike, treadmill walk etc. And expects me to be back training legs and left side of the body in conjunction with pt around week 6.

    I’m working on being as flexible as possible with schedules and have been doing modified anti flamingo for 4 weeks, and will likely restart that once I’m cleared for legs. Lots of long walks in my future the first two weeks. Here is where I’m currently sitting after chest specialization and then missing basically 6 weeks of upper work since the injury.

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    Brad Clanton

    To add a bit of clarity to the question. I know with protein high it will help healing but I will already be dealing with alot of loss of strength and size and flexibility in that arm and shoulder, would going into a deficit speed that atrophy up

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