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    This is an individual question, and I already realize the inherent challenge associated with answering the same so I’ll try to provide as much context as possible

    Age: 36
    Gender: Male
    Training experience: since high school
    Training status: natural
    Weight: 213lbs
    BF: ~17%
    Daily caloric intake: ~2500
    Macros: 220P | 212C | 90F
    Goal: Get stronger and gradual body recomp
    Training split: PPL
    Current life situation: young child, 4 pets, demanding professional career
    Average volume per workout: 8-10 working sets incl. back offs
    Top sets are in the 5-8 range back offs may go up to 15-20 depending on the day
    Some benchmark lifts
    Reverse Banded incline press: 285 x 7
    Reverse banded high incline: 250 x 6
    Pulldowns: 250 x 8
    Db row 185 x 7
    Leg press 600 x 12
    Rep cadence is typically always. 4 count negative one count positive and 2 count static hold if there is resistance in the contracted position.

    I struggle with frequency for instance I tried many times to do a 2 on one of 2 on so I could hit most things twice a week or thereabouts but it never works -output always dips if I work out on back to back days
    In fact I’ve usually found if I auto regulate my frequency anywhere from once every 48 to once every 72 hours my performance is consistent IE one week it could be a Mon Wed Fri Sun and the next Tue Fri Sun
    Is this sorta normal for someone in position or should I temper my expectations of progress and suck up the higher frequency
    I suppose what I’m asking is in the longer run what would make more of a difference a higher frequency over 365 days or fewer but more progressive workouts over 365 days?

    Sorry for the rambling but very interested to hear from you in this


    Very helpful, I suppose a lot of us are not just seeking ideas and inputs but rather what I call a ‘maker-checker’ approach (years of preparing pitch books and hearing this over and over again). Getting you as a sounding board to allow us to either have the idea validated or rejected is truly invaluable. So thank you coach, I’ve posted quite a few questions on this forum and am really grateful for the time all of you have taken out to answer and share your own experiences. Have a good day!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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